Server Closet Reorganization

server room designServer Room design for your cables, hardware, networking gear and phone system is one of the most important aspects of creating a solid overall Cabling Plan. As we like to say, networking all starts with the cabling design. Flat Rate Network Cabling has Server Room Design Specialists to assist in the design of your server and Telco room cabling. Having enough cables correctly located in the server room will ensure that access and connections to the servers will be at the fastest speeds. Often, CAT6 or Fiber can be run as a server backbone, to ensure maximum speeds for all users.

Server room cabling design services must take into account many aspects for the current and future network needs including:

• Verizon considerations
• Router
• Firewall configuration
• DMZ setup
• Wireless infrastructure
• Phone closet and Telco cabling
• Expansion considerations
• Fail over and redundancy
• Patch panel and Network switch cables

While we primarily support New York, New Jersey and Connecticut projects, we are able to travel on site anywhere in the country for projects relating to server room and server room cabling design. Server room design greatly affects productivity and plays an important role in business continuity by planning for your network as a whole. With such a long-term impact, a server room cabling design that enables the redundancy and flexibility is a must. Your business depends on it.