New Office Cabling & Planning Service

data cable installationNew office cabling planning is a core task that impacts your entire network, server functionality and speed. Don’t risk running the wrong type of cabling, in the wrong quantity, to the wrong locations or desks. Running network cables haphazardly in a new Manhattan office, in New York, or anywhere else will cost you long term. These common oversights can be avoided by hiring experienced network & voice wiring and cabling professionals. You’ll maximize your users’ network productivity with the right cat5e cabling design. Ensuring that the job is done correctly during new office setup will pay off for as long as you are in your new space.

Call us to schedule a free cabling assessment, where we will review your office floor plan and network map to discuss various planning considerations that may have been missed or underestimated.

Let electricians design the electric layout, but trust your office cabling needs to the cabling professionals!

The biggest network cabling problems we see are when an electrician, untrained in network and phone considerations, does the cabling design and decides where all cables should go in your office for the next 5-8 years!  This is particularly detrimental when it comes to the specific needs of Manhattan companies.  Without a thorough understanding of Manhattan requirements, an untrained worker will often order all cat5e cables, as opposed to cat5e cables. You could end up paying to rerun your cables in just 4-6 months because an unqualified person designed your cat 5e cabling needs!