Cable & Wiring Installation Service NY NJ


Proper wiring services and Patch Panel Installation are critical in enabling your employees to work efficiently across voice and data networks.
Flat Rate Network Cabling is a leading communications contractor in the field of structured cable wiring. Whether your requirements are voice, data, video, or fiber optic, our staff of well trained professionals is here to ensure a quality installation of your patch panels and all cables. Many of our services are available next day, for emergency new office or temp office setups. Unfortunately, many new or relocating businesses fall victim to common set up mistakes that cause problems 4-6 months down the road.

Run the right voice and network cabling now, and you’ll avoid:
• Paying extra per network cable run when adding lines that were missed or not planned for properly. Fax lines, new employees, and backup wires are frequent costly additions.
• Struggling to connect new employees through insufficient voice and network cabling that was done for phones and Internet
• Losing valuable productivity to slow network speeds, often the result of incorrect or cheap network cabling
• Network downtime due to unlabeled server room cabling
• A disorganized teleo closet of Verizon cables mixed with your company cables
• Sloppy patch panel installation in the wrong location
• A mismatched labyrinth of additional cables that never look as neat as those initially planned and run during the project.

Data Cabling Wiring services available next day:
• Computer cabling wiring for data: Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6
• Fax Machine/Facsimile Cabling
• Paging Systems
• Adds, Moves, and Changes
• Wire Repairs
• Single and Multiple Floor Patch Panel Connectivity Planning
• Patch Panel Installation
• Cable Wiring Design Services for Companies
• Wiring Design Services
• Server Room Cabling Design
• 110 Block Installation
• 66 Block Installation
• Verizon Dmarc Connection to your company patch panel
• Proper and Neat Patch Cable Wiring Connectivity to Switches and Patch Panels
• Install Patch Panel and connect to network switch

Call Flat Rate Network Cabling to schedule your free on site visit with a reliable and experienced wiring and cabling company that will design and install your network cables at a Flat Rate.