About Us

Flat Rate Network Cabling is a premier contractor cabling company with a successful focus on complex installations for voice, data, security, video, wiring, cabling and wireless connectivity. We have been supporting small and medium sized business networks for more than 6 years, and specialize in providing rapid cabling services through onsite visits to your company. While many of our competitors only perform selected tasks, such as running cable, they are often unable to complete the whole job. That means you could be required to hire several different companies for cabling, connecting & terminating jacks, and connecting to equipment. Flat Rate Network Cabling can perform every part of the job for computer and phone wiring and cabling. One single point of contact means no delays, no confusion, no mistakes, and no extra expense. With locations in New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Long Island and Staten Island, Flat Rate Network Cabling provides free site survey and same day quotes in addition to network and voice cabling services anywhere in the USA. We also offer on-demand service in New Jersey and Connecticut. No matter the size of your business, our customized approach is the most effective way to meet the unique needs of a wide variety of network levels.

How can 2% of your office’s technology setup budget be responsible for 50% of network problems later on?
CAT 5e Network Cabling is a small part of your overall office technology setup budget, but remains a huge part of your company’s productivity for as long as you are in your new office space. Start off on the right foot. Set up the network cabling that you need today and meet your needs of tomorrow.

NYC Cat 5e cabling projects are a little different than cabling in other locations. Building construction, office security, and New York City legal requirements have to be taken into account. Organization and aesthetics are equally important in maintaining an efficient office space. Unfortunately, many new or relocating businesses fall victim to common set up mistakes that cause problems 4-6 months down the road.

Run the right voice and network cabling now, and you’ll avoid:

  • Paying extra per network cable run when adding lines that were missed or not planned for properly. Fax lines, new employees, and backup wires are frequent costly additions.
  • Struggling to connect new employees through insufficient voice and network cabling that was done for phones and Internet
  • Losing valuable productivity to slow network speeds, often the result of incorrect or cheap network cabling
  • Network downtime due to unlabeled server room cabling
  • A disorganized teleo closet of Verizon cables mixed with your company cables
  • A mismatched labyrinth of additional cables that never look as neat as those initially planned and run
  • during the project.